One world but each has it’s own values! 🌍


One world but each has it’s own values! 🌍

Here, You Can See Heartbreaking Pictures Of World.

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Hundreds of Rohingya people crossing Bangladesh’s border as they flee from Buchidong at Myanmar after crossing the Naf River in Bangladesh, 10 September 2017. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) more than 525,000 Rohingya refugees have fled from Myanmar for violence over the last month with most of them trying to cross border reach Bangladesh.


Photo Clicked In Istanbul


Children of displaced Syrian refugee family use paving stones as pillows at Erbil, Iraq in 2013.


Mohammed Mohiedin Anis, or Abu Omar, 70, smokes his pipe as he sits in his destroyed bedroom listening to music on his vinyl player, gramophone, in Aleppo.


Photo Of Civil War


Photograph Of the child having a gun his hands this photo is so heart melting.


Vickie, 4, holds a hair brush in her mouth she walks in the Kuluba, Uganda, transit camp, March 31, 2017. The civil war in South Sudan has killed tens of thousands and driven out more than 1.5 million people in the past three years, creating the world’s largest refugee crisis. Not as important as #MetGala2019


A Rohingya refugee girl looks next to newly arrived refugees who fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar in Ukhiya on September 6, 2017. With children making up around 60 percent of the Rohingya that have fled into Bangladesh, many below 18 years old arrived into the makeshift tents highly traumatized after seeing family members killed and homes set on fire.


An Afghan child stands inside the ruins of the devastated but functioning Habibia High School January 3, 2002 in Kabul, Afghanistan.The school, which reopens in spring, was severely damaged by years of civil war. Countries can never develop with generations without education.


Salem Saoody, 30, is getting his daughter Layan (L) and his niece Shaymaa 5 (R) in the only remaining piece from their damaged house, which is the bathing tub after Israeli airstrike. 2015, Gaza.


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