GTU Maths 3 Equations Of All Chapters | AEM


GTU Maths 3 Equations Of All Chapters | AEM

GTU Maths 3 Equations :

Here, we providing all chapters equations related to mathematics 3 or we know as AEM (2130002).

We know syllabus is changed but methods was not changed equations are not changed so, in this article provided equations are related to chapters.

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Some Special Functions:

  • Gamma – Beta and Bessel-Error Functions
  • Some special Wave Functions for Mathematics
  • Some Special Functions For Advanced Maths

Chapter 2 : Fourier Series and Fourier integral:

  • Periodic function
  • Trigonometric series
  • Fourier series
  • Functions of any perioday
  • Even and odd functions
  • Half-range Expansion
  • Fourier integral

Chapter 3 : Ordinary Differential Equations and Applications:

  • First order differential equations: basic concepts, Geometric meaning of y’ = f(x,y) Direction field
  • Exact differential equations
  • Integrating factor
  • Linear differential equations, Bernoulli equations
  • Modeling , Orthogonal trajectories of curves
  • Linear differential equations of second and higher order: Homogeneous linear differential equations of second order
  • Modeling: Free Oscillations, Euler- Cauchy Equations, Wronskian, Non homogeneous equations, Solution by undetermined coefficients, Solution by variation of parameters
  • Modeling: free Oscillations resonance and Electric circuits, Higher order linear differential equations, Higher order homogeneous with constant coefficient
  • Higher order non homogeneous equations. Solution by [1/f(D)] r(x) method for finding particular integral.

Chapter 4 : Series Solution of Differential Equations:

  • Power series method,Theory of power series methods
  • Frobenius method

Chapter 5 : Laplace Transforms and Applications:

  • Definition of the Laplace transform, Inverse Laplace transform
  • Linearity, Shifting theorem
  • Transforms of derivatives and integrals Differential equations
  • Unit step function Second shifting theorem
  • Dirac’s delta function
  • Differentiation and integration of transforms
  • Convolution and integral equations
  • Partial fraction differential equations
  • Systems of differential equations

Chapter 6 : Partial Differential Equations and Applications:

  • Formation PDEs, Solution of Partial Differential equations f(x,y,z,p,q) = 0
  • Nonlinear PDEs first order
  • Some standard forms of nonlinear PDE, Linear PDEs with constant coefficients
  • Equations reducible to Homogeneous linear form
  • Classification of second order linear PDEs
  • Separation of variables use of Fourier series
  • D’Alembert’s solution of the wave equation
  • Heat equation: Solution by Fourier series and Fourier integral

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