GTU Mathematics-1 (3110014) | Maths-1

GTU Mathematics-1 (3110014) | Maths-1

GTU Mathematics-1 (3110014) / Maths – 1 Provides You To Facility To

Download GTU Syllabus,

Topic Wise Notes Of Mathematics-1,

GTU Question Papers,

All Equations Of Mathematics-1 Chapter Wise.

Note : This Page Contain all things about new syllabus of GTU Mathematics-1 with subject code (3110014).

(1) First Button Contain Syllabus Of New Mathematics -1 Known As Maths-1 With Subject Code (3110014) .

(2)Second Button Topic Wise Notes Contains the descriptions, definitions, examples with solution topic wise separately.

so, you can easily understand topic

and clear your doubts.

Mathematics-1 / Maths -1 contains eight (8) Chapters :

(1) Indeterminate Forms and L’Hospital’s Rule

(2) Improper Integrals

Convergence and divergence of the integrals
Beta and Gamma functions and their properties

(3) Applications of definite integral

Volume using cross-sections

Length of plane curves

Areas of Surfaces of Revolution

(4) Convergence and divergence of sequences

(5) Fourier Series

(6) Functions of several variables

(8) Elementary row operations in Matrix

(7) Functions of several variables

So You can read all topics of these chapters And also solve examples by learning methods of each topics.

(3) Third Button GTU question papers contain question papers of previous years examinations, so you can use it for practice.

(4) Fourth Button contains All equations of Mathematics-1 / maths – 1 by chapter wise.

so It will Help You To Remember equations of topics and it’s easy to solve examples.

It’s like quick analysis of all chapters or we can say revision of all chapters by topic wise.

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As we know new syllabus not contain maths – 3 in new revisions.

By Using GTU Engineering Maths you can score in examination and as well as you can clear your doubts.

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