GTU AEM (2130002) | Maths-3

GTU AEM (2130002)|Maths-III

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GTU AEM (Advanced Engineering Maths) / Maths – 3 Provides You To Facility To

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Note : This Page Contain all things about old syllabus of GTU maths – 3 with subject code (2110014).

 (1) First Button Contain Syllabus Of Old Maths -3 Known As AEM (Advanced Engineering Maths) With Subject Code (2130002) .

(2)Second Button Topic Wise Notes Contains the descriptions, definitions, examples with solution topic wise separately so, you can easily understand topic and clear your doubts.

AEM (Advanced Engineering Mathematics) / Maths -3 contains six (6) Chapters :

(1) Introduction To Some Special Functions

  • Gamma – Beta and Bessel-Error Functions
  • Some special Wave Functions for Mathematics
  • Some Special Functions For Advanced Maths

(2) Fourier Series And Fourier Integral

  • Periodic function
  • Trigonometric series
  • Fourier series
  • Functions of any perioday
  • Even and odd functions
  • Half-range Expansion
  • Fourier integral

(3) Ordinary Differential Equations And Applications

  • First order differential equations: basic concepts, Geometric meaning of y’ = f(x,y) Direction field
  • Exact differential equations
  • Integrating factor
  • Linear differential equations, Bernoulli equations
  • Modeling , Orthogonal trajectories of curves
  • Linear differential equations of second and higher order: Homogeneous linear differential equations of second order
  • Modeling: Free Oscillations, Euler- Cauchy Equations, Wronskian, Non homogeneous equations, Solution by undetermined coefficients, Solution by variation of parameters
  • Modeling: free Oscillations resonance and Electric circuits, Higher order linear differential equations, Higher order homogeneous with constant coefficient
  • Higher order non homogeneous equations. Solution by [1/f(D)] r(x) method for finding particular integral.

(4) Series Solution Of Differential Equations

  • Power series method,Theory of power series methods
  • Frobenius method

(5) Laplace Transforms And Applications

  • Definition of the Laplace transform, Inverse Laplace transform
  • Linearity, Shifting theorem
  • Transforms of derivatives and integrals Differential equations
  • Unit step function Second shifting theorem
  • Dirac’s delta function
  • Differentiation and integration of transforms
  • Convolution and integral equations
  • Partial fraction differential equations
  • Systems of differential equations

(6) Partial Differential Equations And Applications

  • Formation PDEs, Solution of Partial Differential equations f(x,y,z,p,q) = 0
  • Nonlinear PDEs first order
  • Some standard forms of nonlinear PDE, Linear PDEs with constant coefficients
  • Equations reducible to Homogeneous linear form
  • Classification of second order linear PDEs
  • Separation of variables use of Fourier series
  • D’Alembert’s solution of the wave equation
  • Heat equation: Solution by Fourier series and Fourier integral

So You can read all topics of these chapters And also solve examples by learning methods of each topics.

(3) Third Button GTU question papers Contain question papers of previous years papers for practice.

(4) Fourth Button contains All equations of maths – 3 / AEM (Advanced Engineering Mathematics) by chapter wise. It will Help You To Remember equations of topics and it’s easy to solve examples.

It’s like quick analysis of all chapters or we can say revision of all chapters by topic wise.

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(2110014) MATHS – 1 / VCLA
(2110015) MATHS – 2 / VCLA
(2130002) MATHS – 3 / AEM
(2140001) MATHS – 4 / NSM


(3110014) MATHEMATICS – 1
(3110015) MATHEMATICS – 2

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